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17. 05. 2021.

5 Good Reasons To Travel More

Why is it important to travel? What benefits do we get? What changes are happening in us? What does travel affect?

Travel is an important part of life because it allows us to disconnect for a moment from the hectic life that most of us lead. Constant stress at work, at home, bills and lately the global pandemic are all stress triggers. That is why we need to switch off and allow ourselves some joy.

When we travel we expand our own horizons, encounter new cultures and learn on the spot. By coming to new destinations, we have the opportunity to explore different lifestyles, people’s habits, rituals and, what we all enjoy, cuisine.

Below is a list of why it is beneficial to travel.

1.     Positive Health Effects

Recent research shows that people who travel are less prone to health problems because they are more active. The very act of planning a trip raises the level of “happy” hormones, lowers blood pressure and has a positive effect on the psychophysical state of the body. Going on a trip, even for those who are afraid of flying, for example, causes excitement and lowers stress levels. Contradictory, we know, but anticipation is half the enjoyment.

It has long been rumored that water heals. Staying by the water makes our mind calm and reset it, breathing becomes deeper, and thoughts clearer. We gather positive energy and release bad thoughts.

2.     New Cultures

Every city, every town has its own specific traditions that are seen only there and nowhere else in the world. Smaller towns stand out especially for that, so it is extremely interesting when we find ourselves in a place that gives us the opportunity to get acquainted in detail with the tradition and rituals of its locals. Imagine someone letting you participate in a secret rainmaking ritual. Magical, isn’t it?

On the other hand, megalopolises and larger cities have something else – spirit that captivates you, nightlife and museums that give you the opportunity to learn something new.

3.     Gastronomic Delicacies

What we try always varies. Traditional cuisines say a lot about the country we visit. Will you like everything you try? Probably not, but you have to try to know. Traveling makes us braver because we will consume food and drink we have never tried before. Curiosity of a child and fearlessness awaken in us, which we don’t have in everyday life after the age of 18. Grilled crickets, tequila with worm, tea from a plant that grows only in that area.

4.     New People – New Friendships

Letters used to be written, anticipated for weeks, months… We all have melancholy feelings towards “simpler” times, but let’s be honest, e-mail, SMS and other messaging services have given us the opportunity to be in constant contact with friends regardless of time zones we are in. But in order to have friends on different meridians, we need to travel. Getting to know new places often leads to meeting new people. And the more people leave a mark in our lives, the richer we are.

5.     Practical knowledge

New friendships and new adventures and travels teach us more than we are aware of at the moment it’s happening. How to prepare tea according to Eastern tradition is something that we unconsciously start applying at home. When camping, we can use the ancient skill of lighting a fire with the help of flint stone, which we learned on the side of the mountain from the natives.

Overall, travels bring benefits on multiple fronts and should be practiced as often as possible. Even for a short time, the break is much needed. Daily excursion options are equally useful because they relax us.