Corporate events

Dare to Be Different

For business partners, corporate lunches, seminars and team buildings. For New Year’s corporate parties. In any case, the ideal moment is to replace your office with a view of the river. Take a break and actually enjoy corporate socializing, either with colleagues or business partners. Show them Belgrade from another angle and lay the foundations for long-term and stable cooperation.

Transfer the office party to the boat and spend the day with colleagues. Strengthen relationships and come up with great ideas that might change the world. Business lunches in stuffy restaurants are too frequent, so the “Horizont” is the right answer to the new situation.

Our licensed guides will tell the tale of Belgrade and sights you sail by. They are here to answer additional questions about Belgrade but be sure to listen to the story of the city that lies on two rivers. Belgraders have great respect for rivers and have a special relationship with them. Provide your business partners to feel the power of our rivers and experience Sava merging with Danube up close.


    We organize everything and anything you want. You can choose a buffet option, full course meal or just drinks. With us, you can give seminars, lectures and stand out completely in the sea of ​​the same conference halls. If you want a themed ride, call us to make an appointment.

    Departure place:

    Beton hala, Belgrade

    Departure time:

    as agreed

    Tour duration:

    as agreed

    Tour price:

    depending on selected option

    Contact us for more information.