30. 11. 2021.

5 benefits of running

The always popular running has been experiencing more and more expansion in the last few years. This is accompanied by an incredible development of technologies for equipment that can withstand all weather conditions. Every major brand is in a constant...

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26. 11. 2021.

5 largest cruisers in the world

While we are waiting for the next summer season, warm days and sun, we all dream a little, literally and figuratively, of going on a cruise. Destinations are mostly exotic – the Caribbean Sea, the Mediterranean, Alaska, China, and the...

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24. 11. 2021.

Knez Mihailova – history of Belgrade in 1056 steps

In the city center, right next to the Republic Square, the National Museum and the National Theater, there is the famous Knez Mihailova Street, better known as “Knez”. There is no person who stepped on the soil of Belgrade without...

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