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31. 12. 2021.

Santa Claus and New Year’s resolutions

New Year is a symbolic beginning of something new, full of optimism and big plans. At the same time, it is a time of giving and believing in miracles.

Santa has a terribly serious task to deliver a gift to all good people, but as there’s traffic, so he may be a little late. Joke aside, we hope that you’ve managed to buy and wrap all the gifts, as well as that no one has caught you placing them under the Christmas tree. If you haven’t, you still have a little time. Another thing, no one will mind getting the gifts in January. We always look forward to gifts, don’t we?


What we want is for all your wishes to come true next year, whether you focused on business or personal. We also want you to fulfill your New Year’s resolutions.


The concept of New Year’s resolutions is a great motivational tool because it helps us take control of our own lives, have a sense of accomplishment and build self-confidence. No matter how many decisions you fulfill, even if it’s just one, the feeling is amazing. The very act of making decisions gives us additional motivation to build a better world for ourselves and others. Thus, we gain additional self-confidence, and that opens new possibilities to achieve whatever we want.

Regardless of the fact that the decisions are mostly personal, your satisfaction with the success will be enough to motivate someone close to you… And so on. Think about that!


Our New Year’s decision is to continue to hang out with you in 2022, to be a source of adventure and new knowledge about rivers and the capital. To become your partner for business celebrations, private parties and big festivities. Thank you once again for your trust. Start writing New Year’s resolutions. We are here to support you as much as we can.


Dream big dreams and don’t be afraid to believe in miracles! Because anything is possible.

See you at 6 pm at our New Year’s matinee, where we warm up together for the craziest night.

Happy New Year!