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17. 11. 2021.

How about some shopping in Belgrade?

November is the perfect month to shop. More and more stores are adopting the practice of “Black November”, and this gives us an incredible opportunity to embark on a magical experience of shopping. Get dressed so you can try things out quickly, Belgrade is full of opportunities…


In New Belgrade, we have several choices. If you like smaller shopping malls that you can visit quickly, Delta City, Mercator and Immo mall are the perfect choice. Delta City is one of the first shopping malls of this type in Belgrade. It opened in 2007 and has been a favorite of many ever since. Favorite brands of sports equipment, clothes and shoes we love, cosmetics, home decoration, jewelry and finally coffee. The two cafes on the ground floor also have a garden option so you can completely relax. Or just take a break while thinking about which shirt to buy.


Immo Mall is designed as an outlet and here you can find pieces of clothing and footwear that you missed last season. Outside there is a cafe and a children’s playground so you can comfortably relax after shopping.


Mercator is a slightly different concept compared to classic shopping malls. The focus is on the hypermarket, but there are also sports equipment stores, bookstores, pharmacies – all in one place.


Ušće is far larger shopping mall with over 150 shops and counters where you can find everything you need. At the place where Branko’s bridge flows into New Belgrade, at the confluence of Sava and Danube, shopping that will not leave you indifferent awaits you.


In practice, this type of shopping mall proved to be very successful, so there was a need to open new, larger and on the location in the old part of town.

The first such mall on that side of the Sava and Danube is the BIG Shopping Mall in Višnjička Street. Over 100 stores of the most famous world and domestic brands on two levels is waiting for you. Spacious, with high ceilings, BIG is a favorite place for shopping, both for families and for younger generations. What sets it apart is that in addition to the closed part, it also has the concept of an open shopping mall, i.e. a park – shops and other facilities that can be entered directly from the parking lot. If you are going for quick shopping, this makes the process a lot easier.


Stadion shopping mall in Voždovac also provides you with a complete shopping experience, and with its size and offer, it also impresses those for whom shopping is not a favorite activity. What sets it apart is certainly the stadium on the top floor, which combines sports and shopping in one place – everyone has their own preferences.


Beo shopping mall is one of the newer and largest in Belgrade. It is located in Zvezdara and really meets all the conditions for a good and quality shopping.


In the very core of the city, in Knez Mihailova Street, there is a shopping mall “Rajićeva”. It was named after the street on the side of this building. Tanasko Rajić is a hero of the Serbian uprisings, an excellent strategist and one of the most prominent people of that time. Stop by this shopping mall, you can find some of the brands that no other place in Belgrade has, and at the same time, zou can quickly go for a walk around Kalemegdan Fortress, which is only a few steps away.


If you have decided to spend the fall morning walking around Ada Ciganlija lake, stop by Ada Mall when it gets cold and get everything you need. The terrace of the restaurant in this shopping mall quickly became a favorite place to take a picture because it offers a panoramic view of the capital and the river.


The largest shopping mall is certainly Galerija Beograd, an imposing building on the banks of the Sava River, within the Belgrade Waterfront complex. Huge space and great offer leave the impression that you have wandered into a new world where anything is possible.


Each of these malls has something that sets it apart from the rest – a brand, a cafeteria, a mini car ride around the mall or kid’s entertainment. Most of them have rich offer that complements the shopping experience. Each of them has a parking lot, dedicated food court and most of them have movie theaters with the latest titles of the film industry. There are also shops with tech equipment, banks, pharmacies, jewelry. The offer is comprehensive, it’s up to you to decide on the location. We suggest all of them, one at the time.