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17. 12. 2021.

Mountain by the capital

Only 17 km southeast of Belgrade is peaceful oasis an altitude of 511 m. Belgrade residents wholeheartedly appropriated it and considered it their own, as if it were part of the property they inherited. But they don’t mind if everyone else “uses” it, so no one is going to court over this inheritance.


Avala is a compass, a point towards which we orient ourselves and know that we are close to home. Its name originates from the Orient from the word “havala” which translates as belvedere – a lookout. Fortress on Avala was built in the Middle Ages, as a bastion for defense. It was conquered by the Ottomans; it was attacked by the Hungarians… Until the fall of Belgrade in 1521, this fortification was of strategic importance. It was finally abandoned in the 18th century to be completely demolished in 1934 to build a Monument to the Unknown Hero.

The legend of the unknown hero began after First World War ended and locals found graves of Serbian soldiers who died in the war. Among them was one without a name, so they erected a modest monument to him to honor the fallen warrior. Later, it was decided to build a large monument, so Ivan Meštrović, the Pobednik sculptor, designed the mausoleum. Monument has caryatids representing women in national outfits from all over Yugoslavia.


One of the top 5 tourist destinations in Belgrade is certainly the Avala Tower. Original tower opened in 1965. 202.8 m high, it was considered one of the most beautiful towers in Europe and the world. What set it apart was the fact that its cross-section was an equilateral triangle, which is also a symbol of the Serbian tripod for sitting.

The tower was destroyed during the 1999 bombing. In its place, a new tower was built and started its operation in April 2010. This was actually a replica of the original building.

New tower is 204.68 m high and in addition to being a significant telecommunications facility, it has a lot more to offer tourists. At an altitude of 122 m there is a summer terrace – belvedere, lookout, and only 3 m lower, which is still an impressive 119 m, you can refresh yourself with coffee and juice. Two elevators are available and in an incredible 40 seconds you are on the open lookout. It’s not only for the brave; everyone should definitely experience the panorama from Avala Tower.


In addition to monuments and towers, on Avala you can spend quality time outdoors, in the nature. Ten kilometers of marked hiking trails and several kilometers of asphalt roads are ideal for walking and recreation.


The perfect day is not the same for everyone, but we suggest that you set aside one Saturday and take advantage of the winter idyll at your fingertips.