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22. 12. 2021.

7 skin care tips for winter

First snowflakes made us happy and announced that winter is coming. This means that it’s time to start the winter skin care routine. Cold weather, rain and snow have an adverse effect on our skin, especially on the face and hands, because they are most exposed to the weather. And if you are preparing to hit the slopes, it is important to prepare your skin properly.

Here are 7 tips on how to care for your skin outside of your usual routine.


  1. Lip balm is your friend 

It only takes a few seconds for your lips to dry in winter, so keep your lip balm on hand at all times. And if you are on the move and realize that you did not bring hand cream, lip balm can be used for that purpose, as well.


  1. Use air humidifiers 

Nothing will dry out the skin or sinuses like dry air when apartments and houses are heated. In case you do not have an air treatment device, we recommend that you keep a bowl with water in the room where you sleep next to the radiator. After a while, you will notice that your sinuses work great and your skin glows.


  1. Hydrate the skin on your body 

Tight skin is not just a movie, but a feeling of discomfort that is especially evident when our skin cracks during the winter, starting with the hands that rasp. Invest in a hydrating body lotion as well as a hand cream. Start using at the first whiff of cold weather, and don’t stop during the warmer winter days.


  1. Lukewarm water when showering 

Only the bravest can take cold showers, but in these icy days we need a hot bath to keep us warm. However, hot water dries out the skin, so we need to find balance and please both frozen fingers and cracked skin. An additional tip is that when you get out of the shower, pick up large drops of water from your body, and immediately after that apply a hydrating body lotion. Never rub with a towel so that all the water is absorbed.


  1. Practice body peeling occasionally 

Due to the cold winter days, it is good to have as many layers as possible, and the skin protects us especially. We will also protect her by limiting body peeling to once in 10 days.


  1. Reduce indoor temperature 

With the first cold days, we often know how to warm up, because there is nothing more beautiful than a good book and hot cup of tea in a warm room. But that heat dries the skin a lot. Therefore, ventilate the rooms regularly, and if you don’t mind a bit of cold so much, keep the temperature lower. You can leave some remote window open on the vent, so that it’s not hitting you directly, but at the same time lets a bit of fresh air in.


  1. Use SPF 

We know what you think: why sunscreen in winter? Believe it or not, the sun’s rays can still be incredibly strong – and harmful – during the winter, especially if they reflect off a snow or even ice. A layer of sunscreen is a good idea for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors, regardless of the season.


Be sure to enjoy the winter, summer will be here faster than you think. The rudder of our ship is still working, come and enjoy in our cozy restaurant while ornate Belgrade is in front of you.