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30. 11. 2021.

5 benefits of running

The always popular running has been experiencing more and more expansion in the last few years. This is accompanied by an incredible development of technologies for equipment that can withstand all weather conditions. Every major brand is in a constant race to meet the needs of all users. And they succeed in that, so much so that we have the impression that everyone is running. And it is one of the few sports that is free.

Why is this information encouraging? Below are 5 benefits of this sport activity.


Extends lifespan


Jogging conquers the world again. Regular recreation has a positive effect on the whole organism, and according to the latest research, those who run regularly live up to three years longer than the average. In addition, which should be enough motivation to start with this daily routine, running strengthens the cardiovascular system, breaks down fats, lowers cholesterol, keeps blood sugar and insulin levels under control… Further strengthens bones, positively affects hormonal status and the nervous system.


Quality sleep


The importance of quality sleep is always a sound medical advice, and subject of many scientific studies. But it is not equally easy for everyone to fall asleep. For those with weaker symptoms of insomnia, we have a solution: regular physical activity. The more we get tired, the better the quality of sleep… And that’s a circle, because the better we sleep, the more strength we have to run. An evening jog around the park or on the promenade along the river, an hour before going to bed, is the best thing you can do for your body.


Better condition of the knees and back muscles


Even though it seems hard to believe, because we all know someone who injured his knees while running, the statistics prove us the opposite. On average, inactive adults have bigger problems with their knees and back than those who run. This physical activity improves the condition of the bone marrow and cartilage, slows down the appearance of disc herniation because the distance between the discs is maintained at an optimal level. It’s never too late, get started today.


Helps regulate body weight


This sport requires the whole body to move, so it burns more calories, and best of all, we don’t have to run fast at all to achieve the desired effects. A light pace is enough to maintain our heart rate and achieve optimal results. As much as a proper diet is useful for losing weight, so much running is useful for maintaining body weight after the achieved results.


Builds self-confidence


When we have taken care of the physical condition of the body, it is clear that our mental condition is also improving. Better mood, more energy and therefore self-confidence. What we learned by running is that we need to go step by step, gradually – whether we are running a marathon, starting a new business or embarking on a new adventure.

There is still time to prepare for next year’s marathon. If one of your life goals is to achieve it at least once in your life, you have our full support.