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19. 05. 2021.

Spending Time By The Water As An Anti-Stress Therapy

Relaxation allows us to clear our minds and take a step towards solving problems if we have them. Even if they are not problems, it reduces our tension and frees us from bad thoughts.

Relaxation is an important part of every day. We need to set aside at least 10 minutes a day for ourselves and relax our body and mind. This type of relaxation is beneficial in many ways for psychophysical health. Benefits are numerous:

•     Proper heart function

•     Lower blood pressure

•     Positively affects the digestive system

•     Maintains optimal blood sugar levels

•     Reduces the secretion of stress hormones

•     Improves circulation

•     Reduces muscle tension and chronic pain

Water is considered the source of life and makes up 70% of the human body. A hectic lifestyle, stress at work and in the last year pandemic and the fear that arises from that, negatively affect our bodies. Everyone struggles in different ways, but in all this it is very important to realize what relaxes us and distract us in positive way from everyday life.

Everyone relaxes differently, but majority of the global population agrees, water heals. Spending time near water has been proven to help the whole body. River, sea, lake, ocean, waterfalls, fountains, and even pool – it doesn’t matter. Even showering is beneficial…

Listening to the sound of water is one of the proven ways to relax. Scientists call this phenomenon “white sound”. Soothing sound of water that is not related to anything else helps your brain to get rid of the stress caused by sitting indoors for too long, looking at the screen… All worries that bother you can be alleviated if you let the sound of the waves carry you.

New direction in science is the “blue mind” – sitting next to any source of water engages almost all the senses: sight, smell, sound and touch. This is a combination of audio-visual experience that allows the body to use all the benefits in the best way, without reaching for the phone.

Proof of these claims is the emergence of floating therapy, which is becoming increasingly popular recently. It is a dark, soundproof tank with salt water (height up to 30 cm). Magnesium in the water helps you float, but also to relax your muscles. One session lasts about an hour, but that’s all you need.

Whatever kind of relaxation by the water you like the most, decide for yourself and go. Because, we need to spend the time we have for ourselves relaxing.