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08. 06. 2021.

Vitamin D: Advantages of being in the sun

Last couple of years we’re learning about vitamin D benefits and its effect on the entire body. So far we know how important it is for muscles and nerves, proper function of thyroid gland, and bones and teeth development in children.

Vitamin D has several compounds, of which vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) and vitamin D3 (also known as cholecalciferol) are the most significant ones. Greatest source of vitamin D is the sun, because it’s being produced in the skin when being exposed to sun rays.


Factors that affect vitamin D production:

  • Time of day – most vitamin D is produced when sun is a peak position in the middle of the day. As this sun exposure can be dangerous, make sure to apply sunscreen (spf 30 – spf 50). But have no fear, we checked. SPF doesn’t reduce vitamin D production so go ahead! And don’t forget do drink plenty of water! Hydration is vital for skin health, but also for the proper functioning of the body.
  • Amount of skin exposed is also a factor that affects absorption of sunlight and consequently vitamin D production.
  • Skin color – people with lighter complexion produce vitamin D faster and easier, so they can protect against harmful UV rays.
  • Where we live – warmer climate has more sunny days, so its residents reach vitamin D levels from sun exposure easier. Also, there are indications that more vitamin D is produced in shorter time when near body of water, but this is still just a speculation.


Please note that long exposure to the sun can be dangerous, so it is necessary to dose the time correctly. This certainly doesn’t mean that it should be completely avoided, because limited time in the sun is actually healthy. In just half an hour, sufficient amount of vitamin D for the entire day is produced.


Food and supplementation

For those who don’t live in the equator or any other warmer region, foods rich in vitamin D can replace daily needs. Choose fish (if you can, sea fish), then butter, boiled eggs, squeezed orange juice, and canned foods such as tuna and sardines can be suitable compensation.

Certainly, the last instance is artificial supplementation, but before any consumption, you need to consult your doctor.

We definitely recommend that you spend as much time in nature as possible, with proper protection. And look for any body of water, because if nothing else, you will rest with the sound of water that relaxes you.