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03. 09. 2021.

Day on in the city of Belgrade – always a good idea

Everything Belgrade offers cannot fit into one, two or ten articles. This city has something for everyone. It meets all the requirements and tries not to let anyone down.

There are a few more beautiful weekends ahead of us, they should be used in the best possible way. If the weather forecast is to be believed, beautiful Indian summer is upon us. It is up to you to decide what you like best from what Belgrade is offering.

This time we single out two places that you should definitely visit.


Botanical Garden


Beautiful Botanical Garden “Jevremovac” should be visited in spring and summer, early fall at the latest, because then you can see the power of nature in its full glory. Located in the city center, it is a source of oxygen on the hot Belgrade streets. It’s divided into Open Space and Greenhouse. In the open space of the garden there are several geographical and ecological units with approximately 1300 species of plants. Here you can see specimens of ancient species of redwood, then chestnut, cypress, Ginkgo biloba. During the walk, you pass through rocky areas and typical flora for that type of terrain. For romantic souls there are pools with water lilies, a maze of bamboo. There are over 140 years of pedunculate oak trees, which are also the oldest inhabitants of the Botanical Garden. Pay special attention to the endemic species of our region – Pančić spruce. In the open area there is a special Japanese garden. You can find such gardens all over the world, and they are all built according to the ancient Japanese tradition – stone, water and plants as the three basic elements must be present. Harmony of nature is omnipresent here.

Another part of Botanical Garden is a Greenhouse built in 1892. On almost 550 m2 there are about 1000 different species of plants – tropical, subtropical and Mediterranean. Under the central dome of the greenhouse, lush flora of tropical forests grows, and not far from there, the world of desert, stone and sun is evoked. Greenhouse is part of the cultural heritage of Belgrade and a place that you must visit.


National Museum in Belgrade


In case of rainy day, use the opportunity to visit the oldest museum institution in Serbia. It was founded in 1844, by the decree of the then Minister of Education Jovan Sterija Popović. It is located on the Republic Square, and there you can see exhibits and works from rich archaeological, numismatic and art collections. The works of great world and domestic painters, as well as objects from the prehistoric period, all the way to contemporary art, keep from oblivion the development and civilizational changes that took place in the region. The greatest value kept in the National Museum is Miroslav Gospel – the oldest and most precious Cyrillic manuscript, circa 1190.

National Museum also includes Gallery of Frescoes, Museum of Vuk and Dositej, Archaeological Museum of Đerdap in Kladovo, Museum of Lepenski vir and Memorial Museum of Nadežda and Rastko Petrović.


Experience Belgrade in September.