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07. 09. 2021.

Ada – wild beauty

The Belgrade Sea, a favorite resident’s beach, Ada Ciganlija has always piqued interest. Mystical place anyone who’s ever stepped foot on considered their own.

For decades, teenagers have seen it as an escape from the city, families see it as an opportunity to relax. It is so inspiring that one of the chroniclers of Belgrade, Momo Kapor, dedicated the entire novel to it. In it, you can experience Belgrade in the seventies, feel how it breathed and understand why Ada is the main character. “Ada – indomitable and untamed, cunning and capricious, mysterious and smooth, supple, gentle, and at the same time wild, mild and dangerous, cunning river seductress and delusion…” – is one of the quotes from the book.

And it is just that! Unconquerable. For years, the capital and its residents have been trying to tame it, but it always finds ways to surprise us again and again.




Many do not know that in the area of ​​today’s Ada, there was an active prison for dangerous convicts from 1920 to 1954. The building was finally demolished in 1956. In 1970, a memorial was erected near today’s “Jezero” restaurant in honor of all political prisoners who died there.

Back in 1821, it was declared a state good. It is believed that the name originated from the combination of the Celtic words “singa” (island) and “lia” (underwater land), so the word “singalija” was derived, from which the word ciganlija originated in later transcription. This peninsula used to be an island. Ada Ciganlija is a common name for the river peninsula and Sava Lake, created by the partitioning of the Sava and the beach on the lake. Work on the formation of the artificial lake began in 1957 and was completed 10 years later with the construction of an embankment on the upper and lower side of the backwater. Today, it is the reservoir of drinking water of the Belgrade Waterworks and has a strategic significance for the city. Together with Ada Međica, Sava Lake and part of Makiš field, Ada covers an area of ​​800 hectares.


Sport Activities


This location is ideal for sports activities of all kinds. We’ve already mentioned that it’s a beloved beach during the summer, that it has a bungee jump and water skiing. There is also a bike path, promenade, golf course and tennis courts, five-a-side football and many other sports. For those who like to barbecue, grills and a special area with benches and tables is provided for a complete day trip experience. Kids can enjoy rich content, swimming schools, adventure park or an artificial rock.




Numerous restaurants and coffee shops are located alongside the lake and allow you to relax and enjoy while observing the world around you. Whole ambience fills you with positive energy because the city rush is far away, and you didn’t have to travel long. If you are coming from New Belgrade, use the opportunity to cross Sava by so-called “boat transport”. You’ll avoid traffic jams, and at the same time with the wind in your hair, you’ll have the impression that you are embarking on an incredible adventure.

Ada is waiting for you, always ready to thrill, surprise and relax you.