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21. 01. 2022.

Boat Festivals

We believe that you are already familiar with the Dragon Boat festival we wrote about last year. Now we would like to present to you three more similar festivals. This time we have selected for you a carnival and two fairs about ships that are closer to us – in Serbia, Croatia and France. If you have a passion for boats, book these events in your calendar, because they are certainly spectacular.


Belgrade Boat Carnival

Every year for one day, the rivers of the capital are full of ships of various colors in order to promote nautical tourism in Serbia.

The Belgrade Boat Carnival was founded in 2004 and has been visited by our citizens and tourists from the surrounding countries for almost two decades. The carnival atmosphere that rules our city during this day, shows its visitors the beauties of Belgrade’s rivers.

Ships, which are the main part of this manifestation, parade from Branko’s bridge all the way to the confluence of the rivers Sava and Danube. Fully decorated, they often perform acrobatics on the water, on the basis of which the most beautifully decorated boat is chosen at the very end of the day. This victory is often accompanied by a party and fireworks to mark the end of the event.

Concerts of famous Serbian musicians and stands with souvenirs and sweets are some of the things you could enjoy if you decide to come to this festival, which is mostly organized in mid or late August.


Biograd Boat Show

Biograd, better known as “Old Zadar”, is a small town in Croatia where the “Biograd Boat Show” is held every October – the largest nautical festival in Central Europe.

As a city on the peninsula, it is an ideal destination for this type of event. It is primarily intended for shipyards and their suppliers, because this is the place where the latest products from the world of nautical are displayed. Everything can be found here – from the smallest boats to the most modern yachts and ships.

During the event, which lasts 5 days, lectures and seminars were organized on topics that follow the festival itself – technology, science, sports, recreation. What makes this festival special is the appearance of the Marina Kornati, especially in the evening, when the festival program continues in nearby restaurants where, in addition to food, you will find various entertainment programs.


Nautic Paris Boat Show

Once a year, in December, Paris becomes the most famous closed port in France. Like the previously mentioned Biograd Boat Show, this fair presents its visitors with technological innovations and inventions from the world of tourism, fishing and nautical.

We would recommend you not to miss this event, because during its duration, one of the most original races in the world takes place – “The Nautic Paddle”. You can be a participant in this race and experience Paris in a completely different way if you register on time.

During the race, which starts from the National Library of France, all the way to the Port de Javel Bas, you will paddle along the Seine with about 1000 other participants with whom you will share this unforgettable experience. This is definitely one of the most beautiful ways to have fun, and at the same time get to know Paris and all the sights that this city has to offer.


While we are looking forward to the beginnings of these festivals, we hope that we will hang out very soon and sail together on the rivers of Belgrade on our boat “Horizont”.