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18. 01. 2022.

Belgrade forests

Are you already wishing for spring and planning what you are going do in the fresh air and sunny weather? We suggest that you make a list of locations you want to go to, and choose your favorite place and activity with the first increase in temperature.

Cycling and rollerblading, horseback riding, running or walking the trim trails are just some of the things that these picnic spots can offer. We have selected for you some of the many forests in Belgrade that you could visit and enjoy nature.



One of the things that the municipalities of Cukarica and Rakovica share is the city picnic area and the Kosutnjak forest park. The name is supposed to have originated because of the hinds that used to walk in this area. The forest, which consists of coniferous and deciduous trees, covers an area of ​​330 hectares and as such is ideal for walking. The 1200m long trim track has over 15 so-called “stations” for exercise and its circular shape goes around the plateau with other sports fields.

You can also reach the Pioneer City, one of the most unpolluted locations in Belgrade. In this sports and recreation center, you can choose which sport you would like to play or use it in a perhaps different way – by visiting an entertainment zone, restaurant or even a disco.

A walk through this forest will take you to a well-known spring – the Hajduk Fountain, which is located on the former hunting ground of the princely family Obrenovic, or to the Film City – a famous complex for film production.


Zvezdara forest

On the right side of the Danube, there is a park-forest that we would recommend if you are in the center of the city, more precisely in Zvezdara, after which the forest got its name. The forested part of 145 hectares is the right choice for escape during the warm summer or spring days that are yet to come. It is intertwined with walking paths where there are benches where you can relax, but also outdoor gyms. It is ideal for families with children who will be able to enjoy, both in the woods and in the part arranged as a park where swings, seesaws and slides for play await them.

Acacia, black and Canadian poplar, American and white ash, as well as rich forest and ornamental shrubs are the reason why this forest is known as the “lungs of Belgrade” and why in 2021 it was declared as an area with natural values ​​and lasting good of our city.

In addition to nature, here you can enjoy food and drink from nearby cafes and restaurants, as well as a beautiful view of the northern part of the city from the lookout, which is one of the reasons why Zvezdara Forest is popular among citizens of Belgrade.



The last such place on our list is Topcider Park, which is located between Savski Venac and Cukarica, near the not so well-known third river of the city of Belgrade – Topcider river.

We believe that history lovers will especially like it, because there are 6 cultural monuments in it, most of which were built in the 19th century – Prince Milos’ Residence, Topcider Church, Church Residence, Obelisk and Reaper Sculpture.

In addition to these cultural and historical values that it contains, the charm of the park is given by three smaller artificial lakes, as well as a wooden bridge that is already known for the large number of photographs taken on it. Also, one of the largest and oldest plane trees in Europe has its roots in this park. This tree, which is about 180 years old, was declared a natural monument in 1979 and today, according to expert botanists, it is in excellent condition.


The most beautiful thing that the forests of Belgrade have to offer is peace. When you walk among the trees, you feel how the forest breathes, how nature lives, and everything else somehow seems less important.

So visit them regularly and keep them, because we leave them to our descendants.


“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”

Martin Luther King