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17. 10. 2021.

How to get rid of fall melancholy?

When leaves start to change their color from green to reddish, many people become melancholic. Reddish color brings warmth to our soul despite the ever lower temperatures. Fall is a special season. We sum up the year behind us, make plans for new beginnings and generally become gloomier in anticipation of Christmas holidays.

Here are some suggestions on how to cheer up in the upcoming cold days.




There is no better way to drive away sorrow and bad mood than to sink into some other story. Reading a good novel takes us to another world, allows us to realize the truths about the world and ourselves in general. Books take us on an adventure, we fight alongside the Napoleon, we’re “On the road” with Jack Kerouac, on Ada in the time of Momo Kapor, on the Orient Express ride with Agatha Christie. We can indulge and enjoy, solve mysteries or simply meet new cities and habits of people outside the borders of our country.

Certainly research recommends that instead of looking at the screen, we read a few pages of a book before going to bed. This way, we clear the mind of bad news and get rid of the negative energy that accumulates during the day.




There is no better cure for fall lethargy than friends and family. And when a little “battle for first place” is added, the fun begins. Find your crew for Yahtzee or a game of canasta, or choose a little more complicated strategy board games that will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Life is becoming more and more digital, and in order to defend the last bastion of pen and paper, play guessing game or Pictionary – at the same time you practice your memory and remember Mendeleev’s system of elements or a poem for Pythagoras’ theorem.

And of course, don’t forget “Don’t get mad, man.” It’s fun for the whole family.




Bring fall colors to the plates. Take advantage of fall offer of fruits and vegetables and try your culinary skills.

Try to cook with the whole family at least once a week. We know that nowadays it is an effort, but on weekends you are there to gather and try meals and snacks you’ve prepared. Everyone should have a task, from the youngest to the oldest. The noise in the kitchen may be a little louder than usual, but you will spend quality time with each other and laugh at every piece of food that accidentally ends up on the kitchen floor.

Don’t give up walking regardless the weather. It relieves stress, serious thoughts and give us energy for a new day.