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06. 10. 2021.

Why should we walk as much as possible?

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about counting steps. Most people wear watches or fitness bands, check the applications on their phone to know how much longer they need to walk to reach their goal.


Recommendation is 10,000 steps a day, but unfortunately this is just a marketing strategy. The round figure resonates better with people, and we remember it longer, so it was used for these purposes. But in this case, no one is complaining. In reality, if we only look at the health benefits, 7-8,000 steps are enough. On average, people working in offices on a daily basis make about 4,000 steps without planning. There is at least that much more to reach the finish line, so we recommend – a walk. Whether it will be a light evening stroll by the river or a quick walk through the park, the decision is up to you. It is useful in any case.


Below are 3 main benefits of walking.




As the first reason to take as many steps as possible in a day, we list calorie burning and thus weight loss. But it is not enough just to hit 10k while doing everyday tasks, although it won’t hurt. Research shows that we need to spend at least 30 to 60 minutes on a pre-planned walk. Also, the intensity of walking is not important – it is not necessary for a person to sweat, but it is desirable.


Plan a part of the day for this type of exercise, but be careful not to make it a boring routine. Here are some tips to keep you from getting bored:


  • Change the path from time to time
  • Go to a nearby location you always wanted to visit
  • Route you are talking should be enjoyable, so choose locations you like
  • If you can’t set aside an hour at a time due to everyday tasks or lifestyle, divide the time into two 30-minute walks
  • Do not always go for a walk at the same time, but constantly change the schedule
  • Take a walk in the company – it’s always nicer and more fun when you’re not alone





Walking is the easiest and safest way to good body health. The advantages of walking are that the entire body works better, performs its tasks more effectively, relaxes regardless added use of legs and feet, and also enables physical strength to be restored faster when the body is in shape.


This activity has a positive effect on the heart and reduces the risk of many diseases. Bones become stronger, their density increases, and the blood circulates better through the body. Thus, it speeds up the metabolism, removes toxins and lowers cholesterol levels.


Regular walking means that we walk even in cold weather, and that additionally strengthens the immune system, which is a very strong argument in favor of this physical activity, especially having in mind the time we live in.




“I’m going for a walk to clear my brain” – this sentence was uttered by each of us at least once. And that is no accident.


Walking has a positive effect not only on the physical, but also on the mental state. Walking can really “clear our minds” and help us make some decisions we’ve been struggling with for days.


On the other hand, after a hard day’s work, walking relaxes us and allows us to sleep better. As contradictory as it may sound to engage in physical activity when you are already tired, it is actually helpful in many ways. It supports creative thinking, memory, and has been proven to relieve stress, alleviate the symptoms of depression and help with feelings of anxiety.


Doctors constantly recommend walking as much as possible, regardless the age. So get yourself comfortable shoes, warm clothes for the upcoming fall days and just forge ahead! And 10,000 steps or not, it’s important that you stay active.