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27. 07. 2021.

Coffee: Golden beans

Globally, billions of people drink coffee every day. It’s interesting that the biggest consumers of coffee are Finns (we all think Italians).

There are many legends about coffee origin. One of the first takes us to Ethiopia, where the shepherd Kaldi was the first to discover the potential of a powerful beans. Looking after his goats, he noticed that, after eating berries from a certain tree, they became so energetic they don’t sleep at night. Kaldi shared his observations with the abbot of the local monastery, who made a drink with berries and discovered that it kept him alert during long hours of evening prayer. He further spread his discovery with other monks and the knowledge about energizing berries began to circulate.


From the Middle East to Europe and USA


As the news of the magic beans spread in the east, the coffee reached the Arabian Peninsula, and a journey began that would transport these beans around the world. First cultivation and trade of coffee began there, and already in the 15th century it was grown in Yemen, and from the 16th century in Persia, Egypt, Syria and Turkey.

Coffee became a reason for gathering and it has remained so to this day. Throughout the Middle East, qahveh khaneh began to open in the 16th century – coffee shops people visited not only for coffee but also for socializing. Conversations, music, performances, chess… Everything was happening in one place. In addition to social activities, they traded, contracted jobs and exchanged news. Coffee shops quickly became such an important center for information exchange that they were often called “Schools of the Wise”.

European travelers brought stories from the Middle East about an unusual dark drink. By the 17rh century, coffee had reached Europe and later USA. But until the Boston Tea Party in 1773, tea was a favorite drink on this continent. As tea taxes increased, so was the interest in coffee.


Coffee as a currency


With increased interest in coffee, need to grow coffee outside of Arabia also emerged. Seedlings was seen as the most precious gift. Legend says that the captain of the ship that carried the coffee seedling to the island of Martinique was responsible for all the coffee trees throughout the Caribbean, South and Central America. Because when it was delivered to Martinique, once planted, the seedling not only thrived, but was credited with spreading over 18 million coffee trees on the island of Martinique over the next 50 years.

The famous Brazilian coffee owes its existence to a diplomat, who enchanted the wife of the French governor in French Guiana with his appearance. Despite the fact that the official authorities were not ready to share the economic benefits that coffee brought, in the bouquet of flowers he received as a gift, there were enough coffee seeds to start today’s industry worth billions of dollars.

Missionaries, merchants, travelers, and colonists carried coffee seeds to new lands, and coffee trees were planted around the world. Plantations sprouted in tropical forests and rugged mountains. Somewhere the coffee was thriving, and somewhere the crops were short-lived. It is believed that new states were founded on the coffee economy. In any case, at the end of the 18th century, coffee became one of the most profitable export crops in the world. After crude oil, coffee is the most sought after commodity in the world.


Tonic coffee – a new summer hit drink


We all have a favorite coffee – it doesn’t matter if it’s homemade, or espresso or instant. It’s important we enjoy it. There is nothing more beautiful than the first morning sip of coffee. Coffee shops around the world are always trying to come up with new flavors, new ways to attract customers. This summer, the latest trend is coffee with a tonic. It is a refreshing cold drink. Although the mix of coffee and tonic may sound unusual, quinine from the tonic has a light citrus flavor that blends well with the floral notes of many coffees.

In a 200 ml glass, pour fine ice to the top, add tonic and pour over double cooled espresso or instant coffee. You can add a slice of lemon to taste and refresh yourself during hot summer days.

Like everything in life, coffee should be dosed. Moderate consumption is always the best choice. And be sure to try our suggestion and write to us on social media if you like it.