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30. 07. 2021.

Belgrade seen from Horizont

There is nothing more beautiful than a hot summer night in a busy city that rarely sleeps. The best that Belgrade has to offer is the option to be on the river. These are the most beautiful moments in our city.

Allow yourself to experience Belgrade at night. Because in this city everything is allowed. Try not to miss anything, because it is Belgrade. Of course, to experience the sunset, try out the cruise on our boat and spend unforgettable moments watching Belgrade from the rivers.

Belgrade Waterfront


Sail away and enjoy the view of the amazing newly built complex Belgrade Waterfront. This architectural project is part of the revitalization of the Sava Amphitheater and represents a new city core. In this residential and business complex, everything is made for a person, with them in mind – apartments are spacious and bright with the most beautiful view in the capital, there is a space for children to play, a running track, and all this is done on the principle of urban sustainable development. From here, it is easy to reach the main roads, pedestrian paths are adapted to their needs, and the largest shopping center that makes everyday life easier is in the neighborhood.

For corporate people and companies, this is the perfect place for business – in the heart of the city, with a breathtaking view. In such a business environment, employees are more easily motivated. Try it if you don’t believe us.

Walking along the new promenade is also a unique experience – from culinary specialties and coffee of extraordinary taste, all the way to a gossip time on the bench with your best friend.

In the upcoming period, this space will become more and more attractive for young and urban business people, as well as for families.


Zero point


At the confluence of Sava and Danube there is a so-called “Happy buoy”. Where these rivers meet, 70 tributaries join, and this point is marked by a large green-red buoy, which flickers with a bluish, pulsating light even at night. It’s believed that couples married sailing along this point can’t grow apart, as much as these two rivers cannot be separated. Unbreakable connection of two great rivers symbolizes eternal newlyweds love.

For those not getting married, this is a place where you can make one wish. The most hidden one, well-guarded and only yours. Legend has it that the wishes you make here come true, but only if you wish them while on board.

Although you may not believe in miracles, wish for something beautiful, it can’t hurt.


We are waiting for you to sail together and enjoy. And maybe some of you experience the “I do” with incredibly romantic setting and venue on Horizont… It will be one for the books.