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10. 06. 2021.

Kalemegdan – every time around

Above Nebojša tower, right at the confluence of the Sava and the Danube, lies the Belgrade fortress, though it’s rarely called that. Even Belgrade residents will look at you confused, and after comprehensive explanation when they finally realize what part of town you’re talking about, they’ll still be as confused because “it’s Kališ” – local name widely accepted and known.

Famous Kalemegdan is the most important cultural and historical locale of the capital, and one of the biggest Belgrade parks. There is a lot of things to see at Kališ, and below we list couple of significant ones.



A great number of monuments is located in Kalemegdan park, dedicated to all of the people who somehow indebted Belgrade, Serbia and, in the past, Yugoslavia. This is the way to honor Despot Stefan Lazarević, who made Belgrade into capital, Jaša Prodanović, sculptor Simeon Roksandić, writers and poets Bora Stanković, Aleksa Šantić, Ivan Goran Kovačić and many others. Each and every one contributed to creating our cultural heritage and we thank them for that.

Also visit Monument of Gratitude to France, erected as a symbol of friendship and collaboration of the two countries during World War I.

What you should not miss is a symbol of Belgrade Meštrović’s “Pobednik” (a.k.a. The Victor). This monument symbolizes Serbia’s triumph over Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empire in First Balkan War 1912. Construction began a year after that and lasted 15 years. In October 2019, for the first time since it was revealed, it was removed and sent to restauration and at the same time pillar and pedestal reconstruction was conducted. It was returned to its position in February 2020 to continue to monitor the access to our capital from the rivers.



As part of Belgrade fortress there’s a Beo zoo, also known as Garden of Good Hope. This is home for over 200 animals and some of them are very exotic, available only on safari or TV. Birds, reptiles, different types of cats (some are a little dangerous J), primates and numerous insects… To name a few. Take family and friends and visit the oasis in the city center.



There are numerous cultural facilities on Kalemegdan, and some of them also symbolize the historical heritage.

If you are attracted to learn more about objects that may have military use (weapons, uniforms, war flags, military documents and works of art with a military theme), be sure to stop by the Military Museum. It was built at the end of the 19th century after Serbia gained independence at the Berlin Congress.

For those who prefer cultural events, there is the Cvijeta Zuzorić Pavilion, for all art lovers. Works of art are exclusively exhibited here, and those exhibitions have played a significant role in bringing fine arts closer to all citizens and visitors to Belgrade. This pavilion is a symbol of artistic strength and today is the seat of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia.