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26. 12. 2021.

New Year on the Horizont

Past two years have been turbulent, unpredictable, but certainly exciting for us. We started this cruise together with you, and without you, none of that would have been possible. We want to thank you for the support and trust you have given us. To show how much you mean to us.

We are still working on a retrospective of the year that is coming to an end, but nothing is as important as the fact that you are satisfied and that you always have a good time with us.

And the symbolism of our name is enough to make you want to start the New Year’s celebration on our deck. New horizons are just ahead of you. We believe in you, and we are here to look forward to your business and private success throughout the year.


Come aboard to count down to the New Year together, to toast to everything that is behind us and to greet everything that is yet to come. You probably have a planned reception somewhere in the city, but that’s why we have prepared a New Year’s matinee from 6 pm to 8 pm. We are warming up for New Year’s Eve with a two-hour cruise, so that you arrive at the reception in a real festive mood. We start with a free drink, and we leave the other choices to you. Music and good time are guaranteed with us. Book your appointment on time.


On the first day of New Year’s we have a Cruise of the Open Heart. This is especially intended for families with children, as a support to the humanitarian character of Street of the Open Heart organization. All interested parents with children should book their appointment for January 1st, 2022, in the time slot from 12 pm to 13:30 pm. A free cruise will be an amazing event for your little ones. It will open their appetite for new adventures, allow them to see their city from a different perspective and expand their horizons. They will meet the Sava and the Danube one on one and will have the unique experience of feeling the power of big rivers under their little feet that are just beginning their life journey.


We wish you a Happy New Year, lots of success, health and smiles. True happiness is hidden in those smiles, great loves are also hidden there. We want you to experience everything that will make you happy, to experience great things, and enjoy even the smallest ones. We wish you calm waters and a bright horizon in whichever direction you go.


When you raise your glass at midnight, know that we are thinking of you. Cheers!


Brod Horizont Team