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04. 02. 2022.

The most famous maritime museums

In addition to the boat festivals that we have already written about, we want to present you the most interesting museums that you could visit if you are in one of the countries from the list. We believe that apart from the beauty of cities, the rich exhibitions that can be seen in these museums will not leave you indifferent.


National Maritime Museum

The largest maritime museum in the entire United Kingdom and in the world is located in Greenwich and together with three other institutions (Queen’s House, Royal Observatory and Cutty Sark) belongs to the group of Royal Museums of this city. From ancient times, Greenwich had connections with the sea and sailing, which is why it is a perfect place for this type of museum. It was created in 1934 and today its exhibition contains over two million items that can be seen every day from 10 am to 5 pm. With manuscripts from expeditions, maritime artworks dating back to the 17th century, the largest nautical library, a variety of navigation instruments and ship models you’ll be able to learn something new about nautical and understand its importance and impact throughout history. Admission for the basic setting is free, while special exhibitions and a guided tour are charged at prices that can be seen on the official website. Don’t miss the opportunity to photograph a replica of Nelson’s ship in a large bottle or the original jacket he wore when he was shot in one of the most important battles of the United Kingdom. Also don’t forget to enjoy tea and views of Greenwich Royal Park from one of the cafes located in the museum.


Titanic Belfast

Everyone has heard the story of the tragic fate of the Titanic, one of, if not the most famous ship that ever sailed. The capital of Northern Ireland, where the construction of the Titanic began, founded a museum dedicated to Titanic in 2012 as part of this magnificent ship. The museum has 9 rooms that give you the opportunity to learn everything about this ship, from the moment the idea was born and construction began, to the myths and legends that are still retold today. Some of the rooms are dedicated to the most important dates related to the ship – May 31, 1911, when it launched, and the night between April 14 and 15, 1912, when the ship hit the iceberg. In addition to the gallery of photographs taken during this period, you will be able to listen to audio recordings of surviving passengers or, with the help of a computer-generated 360-degree tour, see the ship with your own eyes and experience the so-called “Titanic experience”. The last three rooms are dedicated to the already mentioned myths, the shipwreck and its heritage, where a replica of the lifeboat that evacuated the passengers and a list of all passengers and the entire crew and are on display.


Maritime Museum in Madrid

Mueso Naval, as it is known all over the world, is located in the capital of Spain and was founded in 1842. It shows the history of this country from the 15th century to the present day, including the period of the Spanish Empire when some of the most famous land and sea expeditions took place. Over 12,000 items were placed chronologically to give visitors an idea of ​​what the Spanish navy of previous centuries went through. The most important exhibit, in addition to a large number of weapons, maps, uniforms, ships and paintings, is the map of Juan de La Cosa, which is made on parchment. This map is the first known cartographic representation of the American continent. It was created on one of the three famous travels of this cartographer, accompanied by the famous Christopher Columbus in 1500. Since 2007, in addition to the nautical elements, you can also see an example of a Spain’s Apollo 17 moon rock in this museum.


Before you decide where to travel and which museum you would like to visit, we are waiting for you to join us on the deck of the “Horizont“ to sail through Belgrade together.