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09. 07. 2021.

Sava River – magnificent Belgrade Sea

Barely anyone remembers grade school geography lessons, but some things are stuck forever. One of those things is the sentence: “Sava River is created by merging Sava Dolinka and Sava Bohinjka”.

After the merging of these two rivers, the course of one of the most important rivers for Europe starts. On its 944 km long course, Sava River connects four countries – Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Nearly 8 million people live on its magnificent journey. It’s considered one of the most exceptional natural flood prevention systems in Europe. Large natural floodplains, during periods of winter and spring rainy periods, can store over 2 billion cubic meters of water, saving people and properties in downstream cities, such as Sisak, Slavonski Brod and Belgrade. These floodplains provide most alluvial forests along the Sava River.


Because of all this, a centuries-old tradition has been preserved among the people who live along the Sava. They respect the powerful water that keeps them alive. Rituals are still nurtured along Sava, and the villages on its course are have typical wooden houses, with ground floors rarely used, as to adapt to the natural river pulse.


In Belgrade, there is River Island that has artificially been turned into a peninsula, so the lake was formed. Belgrade residents are especially proud of their “sea” or Ada Ciganlija. It’s the perfect escape from the city, to rejuvenate and refresh yourself after a day in the office. Just 15-20 minutes from downtown Belgrade is a real-life oasis – have a drink with friends, take a swim and lay in the sun on the beach. All the negative energy disappears and the next day you are ready for new work conquests.


You can get to Ada from New Belgrade by boat, which is even more exciting because for a moment you really forget that you are in the city. Take a look at Ada Međica and enjoy sun rays bathing in the blue water.


For ample peace and quiet, choose Ada Međica, because there are no commercial boats there. You can go and rest as much as you want.

Sava River has several natural resources that are protected – Lonjsko polje and Crna Mlaka in Croatia, Bardača in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Obedska bara and Zasavica in Serbia.

When you have the time or occasion presents itself, take a walk along the Sava Quay in New Belgrade, rest on one of restaurants/café boats overlooking the river, and certainly do not miss the opportunity to cruise on our boat because it’s a unique experience everyone should go through.