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06. 07. 2021.

High temperatures benefits: 5 medical reasons to love summer

Heat has its benefits, regardless the fact that we have to protect ourselves. Next to sun being the natural source of vitamin D, sunny weather has more advantages.


Sun as the Energy Source

Besides it literally being free, environmental and endless source of energy that’s becoming increasingly popular, sun is also the energy source in humans. That feeling of constant fatigue during winter is caused by lack of sunshine. In those moments, our body produces excessive amounts of melatonin – hormone that’s produced as a response to darkness. For people suffering from insomnia, melatonin is a helpful supplement so they can fall asleep. During summer, melatonin levels drops, therefore, we are more energized and alert.

Mood Improvement

As a response to sun light, our body produces serotonin, also known as happiness hormone. Up until now, it has been proven that some people are more susceptible to weather changes, so it is not surprising that sunny weather causes a better mood. In addition to serotonin, we also produce endorphins, which help us smile more and achieve hormonal balance.
When weather is nice, we are happier and can enjoy every day, without feeling winter melancholy.


Being fully alert (body and mind) is easiest when body temperature is high. Of course, we’re not talking about being sick. Mental capacity get better when body can be in sync with the brain and that’s the way you improve your memory. When it’s cold outside, we spend our body’s energy to warm it up, so there’s less for us to stay alert and awake. That’s why we’re in sort of winter half hibernation state during cold days.

Lower blood pressure

Heart and lungs are working overtime when we spend our energy to warm our body up. As a result, our blood pressure skyrockets, and it can even reach dangerous levels. That’s why people living in warmer climates are not as prone to high blood pressure.
As an added bonus, when sun gets in contact with the skin, nitric oxide is released in the blood vessels. Nitric oxide is responsible for regulating blood pressure and achieving optimal levels for normal body functioning.

Reduced Appetite

What is very important for everyone during summer is to look good, but also to be healthy. When it’s hot, we tend to eat lighter meals, drink plenty of fluids and eat more refreshing fruit. We do not like “heavy” foods, which leads to a healthier diet and a better state of our body.
Medically, hunger is controlled through the hypothalamus in the brain. When serotonin and endorphins jump, hunger decreases. As sunlight has a positive effect on the production of these two happy hormones, we often have the feeling that we are full when it’s hot, no matter the intake.

Indirectly, warm weather also affects body immunity when all these factors are taken into account. Of course, take care of yourself and follow all the recommendations of experts, but do not avoid the sun completely.