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15. 02. 2022.

Hidden places in Serbia

Apart from famous cities and mountains such as Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Serbia also has those lesser-known, but equally beautiful destinations that we would like to present to you on this occasion. These are places that have remained almost untouched due to the rare number of visitors, and as such they often leave their visitors speechless.


Prskalo Waterfall is 15 meters high and a faint stream of water flows from its conical shape. It is located in the municipality of Despotovac, more precisely in the valley of the river Nekudovo, whose source is located above the waterfall. Prskalo is surrounded by rich beech forest which makes this area even more unreal.

In addition to this waterfall, Eastern Serbia can also offer a lot of beautiful landscapes, of which we would single out the Rosomacke lonce. This canyon is located about 30 kilometers from Pirot, more precisely on the Stara Planina, and is most visited in the summer months, when it is possible to pass through it. It has layered edges and is full of whirilpools reminiscent of pots or cauldrons, which is why it got its name.

Large white pillars interspersed with red and blue shades, stalactites and stalagmites, cave curtains and much more are hidden in the Uvac Ice Cave. It is interesting that there is only one way to get to this cave – by water, more precisely by boat with the help of specialized guides from the Uvac organization. In addition to the above, the cave hides a clear lake, as well as a large cave hall, which can be reached by following a specially made trail for tourists.

Cerjan Cave is located in the south of Serbia, only 14 kilometers from Nis. It is estimated to be more than 2 million years old, and despite that, it is still not fully explored. What is known is that it is still hydrologically active and that in addition to rich cave jewelry, various animal species can be found in it, among which one of the protected species of wild animals in Serbia is – the fire salamander.

Near Kraljevo is the mountain Stolovi, which is especially famous during the month of May, when it is adorned with rare white daffodils. If you are a nature lover, we believe that the whiteness of this meadow will enchant you, which will make you be a part of the “Narcissus on a March” event, which is being held in this very place. Apart from white daffodils, another characteristic thing is the wild horses that often visit this mountain in herds.

Although full of plains, Vojvodina also offers smaller hills that attract a large number of tourists. Zagajicka or Zagajska hills represent the highest part of the Deliblato Sands. These sand dunes are up to 200 meters high and are located near the Vojvodina village of Zagajice. The view from them encompasses beautiful spaces and stretches for hundreds of kilometers.

Apart from these hills, if you are going through Vojvodina, we recommend that you stop at the Bac Fortress, which is located on the border with Croatia, or Araca, old church near Kikinda. Because they date from the 14th and 11th century, they are of great importance for the history of our country, so we believe that the remains of these buildings will be especially interesting to those who want to remember Serbia through the centuries.


Before you decide to visit distant lands and get acquainted with other cultures of the world, we invite you to look back and explore what else Serbia has to offer, because this is only a small part of what it hides in itself.