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11. 02. 2022.

Lakes in Belgrade

It is known that Belgrade is a city of three rivers – Sava, Danube and Topciderka, but what a small number of people know is that our city also has 11 artificial and one natural lake. They are spread all over Belgrade, so we recommend that you visit the one closest to you and enjoy all the benefits that a stay by the water offers.


Sava Lake

Perhaps the most famous lake among citizens was created in the late 60’s in the municipality of Cukarica. At a length of over 4 km, a width of about 200 m and a depth of 4 to 6 meters, everything can be done on this lake – from swimming and fishing to rowing and sailing. In the middle of the lake is an artificial geyser, while along its coast is a pebble beach with a large number of cafes and restaurants that are especially visited during the hot summer days.


Ada Safari

If you want to avoid the big crowds on Ada, and at the same time be close to the lake, Ada Safari is the ideal place for you. It is located about a hundred meters from the roundabout on Ada and is the only natural lake in Belgrade. It is surrounded by dense forest and is primarily intended for fishing enthusiasts. It is interesting that it is the first lake in Serbia where the fishing rule “catch and release” was introduced.


Lake Tresnja and White River

On the border between the two Belgrade municipalities, Vozdovac and Sopot, there is a real small oasis in the center of the deciduous-coniferous forest. You can also see the beauty of Lake Tresnja in the famous scene of Seka Sabljić from our cult film “Marathon Runners Do a Lap of Honour “. At the foot of Mountain Avala, there is the so-called White River, whose depth can reach up to 10 meters. Due to its position and isolation, you will feel as if you are far from Belgrade and the city crowds, but unfortunately you will not be able to swim in it, because swimming is forbidden here.


Rabrovac Lake

In the village of Rabrova, which belongs to the municipality of Mladenovac, there is the deepest Belgrade lake with a depth of 20m. Although it is known to fishermen who are attracted by the rich selection of fish, there are no shops and restaurants in the vicinity of this lake, so if you decide to visit it, we suggest you bring your own food and drink, or fishing equipment if you have it.


Lake Očaga

Another lake with an artificial geyser is located in Lazarevac, on the territory of Belgrade. It is surrounded by a walking path, a pebble beach, terrains and a plateau for concerts and other cultural events. Although it is mostly visited by the residents of Lazarevac, we believe that due to the rich offer of entertainment, over time it can become a real tourist attraction for tourists from other parts of Serbia.


Lake Pariguz

The closest lake to the city center after Ada Ciganlija is Lake Pariguz, which is located in the municipality of Rakovica. It is powered by three springs, one of which can be used for drinking. The name is associated with two legends, according to the first it was created because of the healing mud that was located in this place, and according to the second, Serbs ambushed the Turks in this place during the First Serbian Uprising.


Lake Markovac

At the foot of the Kosmaj mountain is one of the oldest artificial lakes in Belgrade, which was created in 1969. It is another well-known fishing destination due to the large presence of almost all species of freshwater fish. In addition to this, it is known to tourists because of the restaurants, cafes and the mountain that is nearby, as well as those with an adventurous spirit, because it is allowed to set up tents or camping on its shores.


Duboki potok lake

Due to underdeveloped industry, the area of ​​Barajevo, on the territory of which this lake is located, still belongs to the group of areas with unpolluted environment. Around the lake of 8 hectares on one side there is a forest that hides a large number of smaller streams and springs, while on the other side there is a pebble beach which is visited by a large number of bathers during the summer days.


Rakina lake

This lake was one of the most famous places for romantic and loving couples in the period when it was created. It is said that the water in it used to be so clean that even the pebbles at the very bottom of the lake could be seen. Unfortunately, due to pollution, it is not so popular anymore, but we hope that things will change in the near future.


Topčider lakes

The favorite lake of our citizens within the large park-forest hides three small artificial lakes. They are supplied with water from the Topčidar fountain, but also from the stream that flows along the entire park. Although seemingly similar, these three lakes differ quite a bit due to some of their specifics. From the smallest, which is in constant shade, the water goes directly to the Topčiderka river, in the center of the middle one, which is the deepest, there is a small stone island, while the largest has the shape of number eight and it is adorned with a wooden bridge which is especially attractive to photographers.



We invite you to take a break from your obligations, computers and phones at least once a week and indulge in everything that the waters of Belgrade have to offer – from fishing and camping, through enjoying nature, to cruising and sightseeing our city.