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12. 01. 2022.

Fun winter in the city

We believe that everyone is a little sick of digging up cars and traffic jams when it snows, but just forget about your daily duties for a moment, find your inner child and open the winter season in the city. Now is the time. Everyone keeps reminiscing about the winters and snowstorms that happened in Belgrade back in the day. So here is a chance to experience at least a part of it.


What can we do in the city when it snows? For starters, get out of the house, and start a snow fight. Everyone is looking forward to this. You can also organize a mini tournament if there are more of you, if not, it’s definitely fun when everyone is defending their own “front”. Undeniably, it’s a little awkward when a snowball flies under a jacket, but there’s something magical about that as well.


Another option is to build a Snowman, that childhood friend on which we put the unpaired buttons on. Don’t forget to bring carrots and a pot. Those who are more experienced can start building a snow fortress. All of these are activities take us back to childhood, and they are healthy because we are outside and strengthening our immunity. Plus we’re having a ton of fun.


Find a hill in the neighborhood, take your sleds and head there. As you descend the slope, a rush of adrenaline will relieve you of instant stress. The cold air and the feeling of breathing with full lungs will refresh you and you will feel a rush of good energy. Košutnjak is certainly the most famous place for sledding in Belgrade. Once a year, mass sledding is organized on the ski slopes. There is one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Belgrade and its rivers, so take the opportunity to have fun and enjoy the view. After that, you can refresh yourself and warm up with tea and hot chocolate at the Aleksandar Ski Club.

This is also a place where people used to ski all year round. Surface that made it possible unfortunately deteriorated over time, but people are used to it, and it’s never been skipped. Not once. The almost 300 m long slope will give you indications of how it is in the mountains if you do not manage to go to one of the many destinations in our country with a long skiing tradition these days.


And last but not least, let’s go skating. Skating is a wonderful way to spend time, and this recreation is enjoyed by both young and old. There’s enough space for everyone on the ice rinks – because there are more of them in Belgrade this year than usual. We suggest you use the winter snow magic and skate outdoors, but don’t forget that the Pionir Hall is open until the end of March this year as well. Complete your walk through the city center by skating on Republic Square, and if you are nostalgic on Tašmajdan, the spirit of old Belgrade awaits you. For those who are closer to Ada Ciganlija, a skating rink near the Stone Town has been opened. In addition to the rectangular space, you will have the opportunity to skate along the circular path around the stone sculptures. You can rent skates at all locations; you are guaranteed a good time.


We wish you a nice start to the year in snowy Belgrade. Find a snow adventure to your liking and enjoy.