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14. 01. 2022.

January in Belgrade

After all the winter celebrations and holidays which are now behind us, it is the right time to leave your homes and enjoy the magic of Belgrade with your family and friends. You can fill out the remaining days in January with a walk or visiting some of the events that are taking place in our city. We picked out a few of such events for you to make this month more warm and interesting. 


Old Town Winter

In Toplicin Venac, or more specifically, in Park Vojvoda Vuk, you will be greeted with real family atmosphere. The so-called Old Town Winter is part of the manifestation Belgrade Winter and it will be taking place until the 23
rd of January, 2022.

Enjoy the music which has been prepared for you by numerous Serbian DJs, or the songs performed by our biggest music stars. You can hear absolutely everything, from ’80s Rock’n’Roll, through classical music, to the greatest hits of the 21st century. If you are a bigger fan of some other activities, you can take part in different art workshops. In this way you can express your creativity by painting or drawing in the Museum of Applied Arts.

There will be plenty of content for your small ones as well, including concerts, magic shows, and hanging out with their favourite fairy tale characters like Sleeping Beauty, Elsa, and Maleficent.

Don’t forget to visit the 10 gasto stands and enjoy the delicious food which makes Belgrade known worldwide.


Ice skating in Belgrade

If winter does not stop you from being physically active, we are sure that this season you have not missed out on skating and falling on ice in traditional ice skating rinks in Belgrade.

The Pionir Ice Hall was the first to open its doors to skating fans this year as well. It is located at 39 Charlie Chaplin Street in Palilula and it is the most popular in the city. On an area of 1800m², in addition to recreational skating, visitors are given the opportunity to enroll in a school of skating and hockey. This hall is also known as the place where the most important championships in this sport have been held so far.

If you find yourself in the heart of the city, the ice rink on Republic Square is the right choice for you. It is one of the largest ice rinks in the Balkans and as such will surely provide you with enough space for fun on the ice. In addition to this, another open trail is located on Ada Ciganlija, where you can skate around stone sculptures that are a landmark of this part of the city.

We invite you to put on your skates and experience winter attractions together until we get some warmer days.


Exhibitions in Belgrade

If you are not a fan of winter and you would rather spend these cold days in warm places, visiting the current exhibitions in Belgrade is a great choice. To make it easier for you to find them, we have selected a couple that you can visit.

You can see the exhibition of one of the most respected Serbian artists in the Gallery of the House of the Serbian Army. The works of Petar Lubarda which have not been seen so far will be exhibited until the 5th of February, when the author’s guidance through the work of this extraordinary artist is organized.

Don’t miss three new free exhibitions at the Belgrade Cultural Center. “For remembrance and long memory” by Milica Mrvic, “Abstract Landscape 2.0” and “Inanimate Beings Also Have Finite Lives” by Tereza Kos will adorn the galleries of this center.

In the Gallery of Science and Technology of SANU, you will have the opportunity to see selected illustrated pages of the book “Svastara 2” after which this exhibition is named. Rastko Ciric, the author of these works, has also prepared the screening of his short film “Light and Shadows”, as well as the video for the song “India” by The Rubber Soul Project.


These are just a few suggestions for enjoying the beginning of the new year. We hope to see you at one of these magical events in Belgrade, and soon on our beautiful deck.