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16. 07. 2021.

Gardoš Tower: Zemun Gem

View of the Danube and the rest of Belgrade that takes your breath away is the view from the Gardoš Tower. This Zemun symbol is certainly the most recognizable structure in this part of the city. Among other things, it was named after the sedimentary rocks hill on which it is located.

August 5th marks the 125th anniversary of the construction of this magnificent building. It is located on the place where the fortress Taurunum stood in the 9th century. Taurum is the Celtic name for Zemun.


This tower was built as part of the Millennium Memorial project, which celebrated the 1000 years of Hungarian rule in the Pannonian Plain. A total of seven monuments were built in different parts of the world, and not all of them were towers. The Gradoš tower is the southernmost point of the Millennium and one of the two preserved monuments. Another monument is Heroes’ Square in Budapest, one of the most beautiful sites in this city. The towers in Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania were unfortunately demolished.


Colloquially, the inhabitants of Zemun called the tower The Tower of John Hunyadi (Kula Sibinjanin Janka), as a sign of respect for John Hunyadi, whose monument is located on Heroes’ Square. Janko is sung in many folk poems, as a hero who fought against the Turks. This name was made official after the First World War. John Hunyadi fought in the famous battle of Belgrade in 1456. He successfully broke the Ottoman barricade and ensured peace in this area for the next 70 years. According to legend, Hunyadi died of plague right on Gardoš.

Other legends include perhaps the most intriguing, and of course never confirmed, the story of the tower’s basement. Anyway, it is believed that there’s a tunnel that leads to Kalemegdan fortress. All it takes is to cross under the Danube.


Altitude of Gardoš hill is about 105 m, almost the same as Kalemegdan, so it was an ideal place to build an observation post. The 36 m high tower is built of brick and stone, with prominent Romanesque elements. The strength of t Hungary kingdom was reflected in the eagle statue at the top with a wingspan of 4 meters, which overlooked Belgrade.


Gardoš Tower offers the most beautiful panoramic view of Belgrade, which reaches all the way to Ušće across the Danube. The lookout on its dome and Atelje Čubrilo on the ground floor are definitely something you must see. Right next to it, there is a café where you can freshen up and further enjoy the view. We recommend that you come both during the day and night because playful lights and colors will leave you breathless any time. As a bonus, this is a place that many Belgraders consider extremely romantic, so they choose it as a place to get engaged or take pictures on their wedding day.