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20. 07. 2021.

3 Top Ideas for an Intimate Summer Wedding

Summer is exactly the right time to walk down the aisle. It’s perfect for many reasons. First, you can have it outside, nice weather and sunshine are always a plus, and the choice of flowers is bigger. The hairstyle can be summery and casual, with lots of flowers, but of course, it depends on your style.

Restaurants are always a good choice for a large number of guests, but if you have a smaller wedding, try one of the top 3 suggestions for this type of celebration.



Nature is always a good background for photography, especially when everything is green. Farms, ranches, and wineries are increasingly popular wedding destinations. It allows you to organize and decorate everything to your liking. Music and food should go with the theme of your wedding to get a full feeling of it. Since you are not indoors, you have more space for a dance floor. Guests will be more relaxed because they can take a walk surrounded by nature. And of course, more trees, more shade …

If it happens to be extraordinarily hot, make sure you have water sprinklers that will refresh your guests, and as a plus won’t destroy makeup, hairstyles and outfits. Most of these places already have them installed, you just need to tell them in advance.

An unforgettable time will be immortalized in a beautiful setting to which you can add a personal touch. It’s up to you to decide whether it is boho, classic elegance, or maybe some theme…


Weekend Wedding

It often happens that couples really like the space, but they don’t like the food. Or decoration… Or a photographer. And that is what standard wedding venues have – pre-agreed cooperation. And you are conditioned to use them because you definitely have to pay for them. That’s why more and more couples are opting to rent a house/cottage/houseboat and the like for smaller weddings. Here you do everything on your own – from food, music, to service staff. But that’s how you get to have a great weekend, and everything is exactly to your taste.

Please note that, unlike farms that are registered as part of the service industry, weekend places are not, so you can’t have a wedding officiant on site. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time. Have a party with your closest family and friends that will be talked about for ages to come.


Wedding by the Water

Whether you are by the sea, lake or river, or on a boat, you can’t go wrong. The possibilities are endless – you can organize everything yourself or be fully served on board, and of course, everything is done the way you like it and according to your wishes.

Water has incredible power. In addition to being a source of life, water relaxes and gives you strength. Choose to celebrate your special day on the river and experience the most beautiful and exciting moments on the waves of one of the four elements of matter.

A few tips no matter which wedding you decide on:

  • Remember to check if you have vegans and vegetarians on your guest list
  • Remember to check if any of the guests have a food allergy
  • Provide fans with your guests. Brand them for your wedding, and the guests will have a beautiful and practical keepsake
  • Provide SPF for sunny part of the day
  • Don’t forget mosquito sprays
  • Tell the photographer to take candid pictures, you will enjoy those photos more in a couple of years
  • This is your day. Don’t forget to enjoy it!


And you may think it’s unnecessary to mention, but don’t forget the wedding rings 😊