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13. 08. 2021.

Ideas for a weekend in Belgrade

What to do in Belgrade in August? How to spend the weekend? These are just some of the questions that come to our minds on Fridays. In case you haven’t gone to the seaside, take the opportunity that Belgrade is half empty and spend the weekend in your favorite locations, whether you live in the capital or you are just passing through.




Belgrade lungs, as it is popularly called, are the right choice for a hot weekend in the city. If you are taking a car, we suggest that you head directly to your favorite Belgrade picnic area, set up a base and walk through the woods from there. Little recreation in the fresh air is always a good idea. You can also play badminton, or football, and if you kids are present, they will run around while you have a drink at one of the day camp locations.
If you are more inclined to walk, then it is better to start from Topčiderska zvezda downhill towards Residence of Prince Miloš. Next to it there is Topčider’s park where you can ride horses or take a break in the shade of an old oak tree. Further down Patriarch Pavle’s Boulevard, you reach the foot of Košutnjak, and you can climb by car or through the forest. Don’t forget to bring water and sunscreen and enjoy your walk.


Ada Ciganlija


Belgrade’s favorite beach attracts more and more visitors every year. Various activities are available, so you can either jump bungee jump, play a game of golf or climb an artificial rock. An adventure park and city on water are organized for children. With swimming and sunbathing, they can have additional fun. Adults can try water skiing – more specifically cable powered wakeboarding. Aqua Ski Center offers you this unique experience. There you can also refresh yourself in their cafe while waiting your turn for this unforgettable experience.
Whatever you choose, you will not regret it. A little adrenaline is definitely welcome, and if you decide to relax with a book and coffee on the beach, we support you 100%.




After an active day, at dusk, choose an unforgettable cruise on our boat Horizont. This unique experience gives you the opportunity to see Belgrade with new eyes, from a different perspective. The view from the river on our capital is breathtaking and only then can you actually see how divine it is. Take the opportunity to be a tourist in your city, and at the same time refresh yourself with our variety of drinks and catering. Sooner or later we all experience the sunset on the horizon, but the experience on the Horizont is completely new. Book your appointment and spend a hot summer evening on deck.

There is a perfect day in Belgrade. And it is not unattainable. That is why we are here to help you by giving you suggestions.