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17. 08. 2021.

Belgrade riverboats – River’s gems

What is the signature of a city? What sets it apart from others? Every city, in addition to historical and cultural sights, has something that’s its own and that makes it stand out. And only locals can tell you about that, who witnessed a million times when someone first experiences city’s signature.

In Belgrade, that signature are riverboats, more precisely rafts. Wherever you happen to be in the city and ask a passerby what you should see in Belgrade, everyone will give you their own favorite. Whether it’s the Temple of Saint Sava or Nikola Tesla Museum, everyone will tell you to also visit one of many riverboats.


We’ve written many times about the importance of rivers for our city, and we have repeatedly mentioned how many advantages it has for both residents and tourists. And the fact that there are so many options on every bank only goes in favor of that. To find yourself walking down any Belgrade quays, you will have a bunch of choices.

During the day, people drink coffee and eat pancakes on these rafts. There you gossip with friends or enjoy light music. Friends gather there for lunch after work. Graduation or love anniversaries are celebrated there. It’s a place weddings happen. There’s dancing and singing till wee hours of the night.


If you happen to be at the confluence of rivers, also known as Ušće, riverboats Hot Mess and Tag offer a view of Kalemegdan Fortress, Concrete Hall and the Great War Island. Experience one morning coffee and let the sound of water take you away. If you go upstream on Sava river, nightclubs and taverns (for lack of a better name for kafana) on riverboats line up next to each other. It doesn’t matter what music you listen to, the energy that these places have will overtake you and make you dance and move to the beat.

However, if you find yourself on the Sava Quay, right at the beginning you will be greeted by the now legendary Cruise river raft with its famous cocktail list. The time of day doesn’t matter. Whenever you sit down, you will enjoy the view of Sava river and Ada Bridge. If you are in the mood for a bit of rock’n’roll, then head to the Sava pub, and for a slightly harder sound, take a walk to Gusar (The Pirate). It’s perhaps the most authentic place on this quay. Just check performance line-up and enjoy.

On the Zemun quay in the summer, you can try stand up paddle boarding (SUP for short) and have refreshing drinks on the Daska and Veslo raft during the day, and during the night, walk to the end of the quay and choose a tavern to your liking.

For those who are interested in more modern music, on May 25th Quay there are riverboats where DJs heat up the mood and give you a unique experience to welcome the dawn with a view of the Danube, Zemun and the endless greenery of the Great War Island.


If you are not sure what to choose, take a ride with us on our ship Horizont and decide which quay is the right choice for you.




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