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11. 08. 2021.

Danube quay – because you can get enough of Zemun

When you’re standing at the confluence of Sava and Danube, and you look upstream towards Zemun, the view does not reach the end of one of Belgrade’s favorite promenades.

You start slowly and your gaze turns to the Friendship Park and the Eternal Flame monument, built in memory of the victims of the 1999 NATO bombing. With short walk through the park, you reach large children’s playground with all the climbing frames and swings you can imagine. Kids can zip-line and you can test your musical abilities on giant instruments. Truth be told, they are set for children, but adults also have to play a little.

Approximately at the level of the playground, there is a hostel on the water tucked away in the Danube tributary. House boat adapted to occasional travelers gives you a unique experience because houseboats are Belgrade’s signature.

Little further down the road you stumble across one of the symbols of the former SFRY – Hotel Yugoslavia. It was one of the three most important construction projects on that side of Belgrade, next to the Central Committee building and today’s Palace of Serbia (former building of Federal Executive Council). When it was built, in 1969 it was the largest and most contemporary hotel in the country.

Across from the hotel on the river you can enjoy culinary specialties or coffee on one of the many restaurants on raft-boats. They offer a view of the Great War Island and the Danube River. Kayakers and numerous passing boats leave the impression that you are at the seaside.

For those who can’t resist some physical activity, you can run along the quay, ride a bike, rollerblades, roller-skates or skateboards, and on one of floats you can try a sup – standup paddleboarding.

When you enter Zemun, you will find a real little paradise for foodies. From fish specialties on the bank to countless small restaurants – there is something for everyone. All with musical accompaniment to your taste. Old part of Zemun that is on the river, the market and the cobblestones leave the impression that you have wandered into another era and are observing the world as it once was. At the moment, it may seem to you that time has stopped. There is, of course, the Gardoš Tower, which offers one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the river.

Use the opportunity to take a walk, it is truly magnificent. And if you want to see it all from the side of the river, we are waiting for you on the Horizont.