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24. 09. 2021.

Belgrade Panoramas

When we find ourselves in one of the world’s metropolises, we always look for the highest point in order to soak up all the beauty of the city. In New York we climb the Empire State Building, in Paris the Eiffel Tower, in Budapest the Fisherman’s Bastion… Each of these cities has more places with amazing views. Belgrade also offers several locations with a view of the city.


Bežanija’s Lookout


You may not expect it, but on Bežanijska kosa, hidden behind the famous “Carrington’s houses”, there is a lookout point with a view of New Belgrade, the Bridge on Ada, and on a clear day, you can see across the bridges.

There is a children’s playground, several coffee shops with balconies and you can be overlooking Belgrade and enjoying a good cup of coffee.


Gardoš Tower


We are not sure that there is a more beautiful panorama than the one from Gardoš Tower, but don’t take our word for it. We recommend that you take a walk and while the days are still sunny, catch the sunset from Belgrade’s symbol. Across the Danube, the view extends across the confluence all the way to Kalemegdan. Rooftops of old Zemun are reminiscent of some past, simpler life, but at the same time they provide a dose of inspiration and enthusiasm.


Kosančićev Venac


Hidden gem of the capital is always shrouded in a dose of mystery. Not all residents of the capital are clear where it starts and where it ends. For those who are new to Belgrade, that is the part next to Branko’s bridge, under the Church of Saint Archangel Mihailo and the PatriarchateBuilding. In addition to a walk that will leave you breathless, you can also have a drink in one of the bars from which you can see rivers and bridges in the palm of your hand. Is there anything more beautiful than that?!


Terazije Terrace


At the foot of the Terazije fountain and Moscow Hotel, when you head towards Zeleni venac, there is a plateau that you must have crossed at least once. Next time you find yourself there, take a moment, sit on a bench, enjoy the colorful roofs of the Zeleni venac market, the Belgrade Waterfront complex and breathe in Belgrade.


Košutnjak Ski Slope


One of the favorite picnic spots in Belgrade is definitely Košutnjak, and there is also a famous Ski Slope. For decades, millions of tourists photographed Belgrade from this clearing. Panorama has been changing, Belgrade was being built, but the view never stopped leaving us breathless. At night, you can clearly see playful lights that illuminate the city as befits a metropolis.


These are just a few suggestions from where you can enjoy the view of the capital. There are more, but we’ll get back to you on the rest some other time.




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