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02. 07. 2021.

5 top ideas for team building during the summer

After sheltering at home for a while, we recommend you take advantage of every moment this summer. Travel, take picnics or day trips, organize get-togethers with friends, family or coworkers. Short city break will help you get stronger and recharge your batteries for new business endeavors.

Here are 5 top ideas for team building during hot summer days.



An increasingly popular day trip in Serbia is kayaking. Whether you go through rapids or circle around Great War Island, this is THE way to spend your free time actively and in nature. From Uvac, Drina, across the Danube distributary all the way to Đerdap, there are more than enough options for kayaking so you can choose the level that best suits your team.

A few tips (for beginners):

  • Choose flat bottom kayak where you will sit on it instead of in it. They are more stable which reduces the chance of tipping over
  • Wear a vest regardless of how good a swimmer you are
  • Proper sitting is very important
  • Hold the paddle with both hands

This is good physical activity – it helps with coordination, exercises muscles, and as you are in the sun, you absorb natural vitamin D.



Turn up the adrenaline to maximum! Sweeping through narrow stone canyons is a top activity for everyone who enjoys extreme sports, but also for those who want to face their fears.

One option is to use full gear, which is more demanding, but also more fun. Rappelling down the rock into the crystal clear water is an experience not to be missed. Second option is a lighter one, and doesn’t require full equipment, but only a neoprene suit and helmet. This may not be exactly an adrenaline injection but it’s still fun.



River rafting is another activity that builds team spirit. That’s why it’s the perfect choice for team building. Rely on your colleagues and spend an unforgettable weekend doing adventure. While being thrown by rapid, raging river, you all work as one so you don’t tip over. Is there a better way to collaborate? Additionally, staying by the water reduces stress, so in addition to having a good time and workout, you also have that benefit.



One day by the water can relieve stress from the workweek, bills… Cool down this summer with your team and embark on a cruise on the river, sea or ocean, depending on where you are. Short conversation, fruit cocktails and coffee opens new horizons. By the way, you can hear something interesting about the places and localities you pass by.

In addition to discovering something new, you strengthen team spirit.




In the last few years, hiking has been an activity that many choose as a “weekend getaway”. Night tours are becoming more and more popular, especially on Rtanj Mountain. Although you won’t go wrong wherever you go, whether it’s day or night. Clean air, often untouched nature and a large number of steps that we all strive for – 3in1. Break your own and team records, feel the ground beneath you, skip the creek and visit some of the many waterfalls. And don’t forget SPF – the sun can be dangerous.


All the activities we have listed have their benefits – from vitamin D, physical activity to fresh air. You can’t go wrong. Take advantage of this hot summer and strengthen business cooperation. The benefits of this come in the form of greater efficiency in the workplace, strengthening interpersonal relationships and time optimization.